Rog - Static Blog Engine

Rog is a very simple ruby blog application.

Rog is a static blog engine that generate a group of html pages from text files formatted in variuos markup languages (and from some ruby source files :-P). Features

Rog features are:


Rog depends on:


You can install rog very easily with rubygems:

gem install rog -r

Getting started

  1. rog create a_blog
  2. cd a_blog
  3. rake create_post : to create a post
  4. rake create_tag_archive : to create a tag archive
  5. rake create_month_archive : to create a month archive
  6. rake : to clean and regenerate all blog pages
  7. rake publish : to upload it with rsync


  1. add real dependence between pages and archives;
  2. add dependece between pages and blog configuration file.

Contact Me

Do you like rog? wonderful :-) why you don’t email me your comments?

I write in really spaghetti english so send me some bug report about this too :-P

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