Class Rog::BlogTask
In: lib/rog/rogtasks.rb
Parent: Rake::TaskLib
Rake::TaskLib BlogTask Comparable Post Rote::Page Application Blog BlogUtils lib/rog/rogtasks.rb lib/rog/app.rb lib/rog/post.rb lib/rog/blog.rb Rog Module: Rog

Rake task library that provides a set of tasks to transform documentation using Rog. To use, create a new instance of this class in your Rakefile, performing appropriate configuration in a block supplied to new. This will automatically register a set of tasks with names based on the name you supply. The tasks defined are:

  #{name}         - Transform all documentation, copy resources.
  #{name}_pages   - Transform all pages
  #{name}_res     - Copy resources
  #{name}_monitor - Start watching for changes
  #clobber_{name} - Remove output


blog_path=   new  


archives_path  [RW] 
blog_path  [RW] 
output_dir  [RW] 
pages_path  [RW] 
posts_path  [RW] 

Public Class methods

Create a new BlogTask, using the supplied block for configuration, and define tasks with the specified base-name within Rake.

Public Instance methods