Class Rog::Application
In: lib/rog/app.rb
Parent: Object
Rake::TaskLib BlogTask Comparable Post Rote::Page Application Blog BlogUtils lib/rog/rogtasks.rb lib/rog/app.rb lib/rog/post.rb lib/rog/blog.rb Rog Module: Rog

Command-line launcher for Rog.


new   run  


debug  [RW] 
rake  [RW] 
rakefile  [RW] 
rakeopts  [RW] 
rog_lib  [RW] 
tasks  [RW] 
trace  [RW] 
usage  [RW] 
version  [RW] 

Public Class methods

Create a new Application instance, processing command-line arguments, optionally passing self to the supplied block for further configuration.

Public Instance methods

Run the application with the current options.