Module Rog
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Rake::TaskLib BlogTask Comparable Post Rote::Page Application Blog BlogUtils lib/rog/rogtasks.rb lib/rog/app.rb lib/rog/post.rb lib/rog/blog.rb Rog Module: Rog

Rog is a Rake ( and Rote based build tool for static blog sites.

Rog use (and permit you to use them too) all the features of Rote for create a blog-oriented website using text files formatted in one of the supported (by Rote) markup languages.

I’ve developed Rog for put online my blogsite, so it’s influenced by my purpose, but it’s GPL licensed so feel free to extend or modify for your purpose (and send me your diff too :-P)

Rog (as Rote) te can be used from the command-line, or in your own Rakefile. It supports both manual and automatic rendering of modified resources, and can be configured to monitor your source tree for changes.

See README for general usage information. Rog::DocTask documents the Rake task integration.

Rog is ©2006 Luca Greco (and contributors). See LICENSE for details.

Classes and Modules

Class Rog::Application
Class Rog::Blog
Class Rog::BlogTask
Class Rog::BlogUtils
Class Rog::Post